[K12OSN] Proxy for Email and other apps not proxied by squid

Sean Fichera sfichera at salem.k12.nh.us
Tue Jun 15 12:09:31 UTC 2004

I need a simple Brain Dead solution to get outook clients on Windows workstations to work with a Linux Server.  I don't want to deal with sendmail or similar programs.  There are too many people with different ISP's that need to check their mail and I don't want to manage another mail server.  All I want is a simple proxy for the mail and AOL Instant Messenger and some Special Ed programs that use telnet. I need little configuration in case the server needs to be rebuilt in the middle of the school year. I can't stress enough I need SIMPLE! Any help with any of these problems would be much appreciated.

Sean Fichera
SSD Department of Media & Technology
287 Lawrence Road

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