[K12OSN] VNC Terminal Services Prototype!

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Tue Jun 15 14:49:52 UTC 2004

But I think what McLoughlin and pals are working on will allow the session that 
is running on the server to continue running even if the vncviewer disconnects. 
  Right now, calling vncserver via xinetd gives you a regular login similar to 
what a thin client sees.  Likewise, when the vnc client disconnects, the session 
is shut down, just like when a thin client disconnects.  But McLoughlin's will 
allow the session on the server to keep running, allowing you to disconnect at 
one client, go to another client, reconnect, and your apps are still running. 
It makes it more akin to the way the vncserver on a Windows box works.


cliebow at downeast.net wrote:
> sounds like they are simply starting vnc through xinet.d so just asking 
> gives you a vnc server session on the server.deredk dresser has java 
> enabled vnc thru xinetd so his users can connect fromanywhereusing a java
> enabled web browser.. i havn'r got that working in fedora but it is all 
> set up in suse
> i do have vnc though xinetd runing on rh9.chuck
>>I saw this today on fedoranews.org... basically someone is working on
>>(and has a prototype) of a "VNC based terminal services system which
>>also allows hot-desking".  It basically permits disconnections and
>>reconnections to your own vnc session (moving terminals, terminal dying
>>on you)... much like Terminal Services for Windows.
>>GDM manages it all.a enabledm 
>>Here's the thread:
> June/msg00007.html
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