[K12OSN] Gnome flavor of kprinter?

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Tue Jun 15 15:35:03 UTC 2004

I love KDE.  I also like sound.  I can't have both in LTSP.  SO, I've 
been focusing on Gnome or ICEWM -- but printing has me befuddled a bit.

Is there a Gnome version of "kprinter" or some such app?  Should I just 
use kprinter?

Also, should I verse myself on standard linux LPR printer setups for my 
users?  This next year, I'll have users in 4 buildings connecting to the 
same LTSP server, and will need to give different groups different 
default printers.  I understand all the printers will be installed on 
the server, but for individual users (or even better, individual thin 
clients) is it possible to determine a default printer that is not the 
system default?

I know that mozilla (by default) just uses standard lpr printing -- so a 
student hitting "print" will send the print job to the default printer 
on the system, which might be in another building!  (At which point, 
they hit print 73 times, assuming that will help)  I'm sure you see the 
chaos that ensues..

Any tips on printing help?


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