[K12OSN] Proxy for Email and other apps not proxied by squid

Facundo Garat :: Strix Solutions fgarat at strixs.com
Tue Jun 15 17:08:07 UTC 2004

I think hi is asking for something like this:

> On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 07:09, Sean Fichera wrote:
> > I need a simple Brain Dead solution to get outook clients on 
Windows workstations to work with a Linux Server.  I don't want to 
deal with sendmail or similar programs.  There are too many people 
with different ISP's that need to check their mail and I don't want to 
manage another mail server.  All I want is a simple proxy for the mail 
and AOL Instant Messenger and some Special Ed programs that use 
telnet. I need little configuration in case the server needs to be 
rebuilt in the middle of the school year. I can't stress enough I need 
SIMPLE! Any help with any of these problems would be much appreciated.
> If you just NAT and allow port 110 out through your firewall your 
> can connect to their ISP's POP server.  Likewise port 143 for IMAP 
> ports 995 and 993 for the SSL versions.  That lets people 
> their mail.  A default k12ltsp install should allow this unless you
> have additional firewalling that blocks outbound connections.  
> most ISP mailers will only accept SMTP mail from their own address
> ranges so your users will not be able to send mail without some local
> support.  Some may allow authenticated access with the same
> login/password as for pop (and most current user agents support this)
> or they may provide a web mailer.   If that isn't enough, you'll have
> to run sendmail, postfix, or qmail configured to only accept from 
> local network address range and forward outbound. This is not 
> and your worries about rebuilding the server can be covered by simply
> keeping a backup of the configuration file(s) on some other machine.
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