[K12OSN] New GPL gui management client for LTSP

Tom Brown tbrown at michiana.org
Tue Jun 15 18:10:38 UTC 2004


Thanks for citing the article at LinuxDevices; it also showed up at 
DesktopLinux. Funny thing about the article...notice at the bottom that 
Symbio Technologies supplied LTSP gear for the press room at LinuxWorld, 
New York, 2004.

Yours truly originated the idea of providing LTSP in the press room after 
reading a Don Marti article about lousy press accommodations at LinuxWorld. 
I approached IDG in Dec. 2002 and did the preliminary work. Peter Billson, 
who lives in metro New York (I live in South Bend, IN), gracefully picked 
up the project. Symbio Technologies offered a robust server for the project 
and apparently much more.

WooHoo! for Peter, the folks at Symbio Technologies and anyone else who helped.


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>How about this article?
>HP and Dell trying to do away with diskless client PC donations for schools.
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