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[K12OSN] old news...good info still

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The following is something I found in the archives while looking for USB pendrive support.
the 2nd link has a lot of good info...I didn't browse ALL of the casestudies, but I did add my own.
I'm hoping those who have posted there(if they are still on this list) would update their cases as
things develop and they grow.
Now a question for Paul:
Is there a link somewhere to the presentation mentioned in the first paragraph?
Hello Folks,

I'm producing a presentation on Linux in schools for my final Masters
project. My goal is to survey users of Linux in schools and ask the
question, "Is it really working?"

By that, I mean, is Linux giving you the technology your students need?
I'd like to hear about the what and why of what is working and also what
is not working.

The final product should be a presentation we can all use with school
boards and the like to let people know what's going on.

Specific requests:
1. Photos of your labs with kids.
2. Letters/emails from your students/teachers
3. Quick surveys of your students/teachers for one basic question: Can
you get your work done just as well using Linux? OK, two questions:
Should other schools do this too?
4. Visit the two case study pages:


;-) Paul

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