[K12OSN] Postfix Mail Server tutorial

Rick O'Dell rodell at bakersfield.k12.mo.us
Wed Jun 16 16:17:33 UTC 2004

	I have tried this, when I attempt to login to Squirrel Mail I get an error;
(Preference Database error (not found). Exiting abnormally. I don't
understand how to paste the tables into Mysql.....  Please help....
Rick O'Dell
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Bakersfield R4 School Dst.
Phone (417)284-7333 ext 303
rodell at bakersfield.k12.mo.us

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I found the following site for any of those who are interested detailing
a complete Postfix + Pop + Imap + Squirrelmail + ClamAV + SpamAssassin
server.  It is easy to follow and no hidden or implied steps.  This is
even written for WBEL 3.  I just ran this as an addon to my file server.
Definitely the quickest and easiest tutorial I found for this setup.


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