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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP on Sparc

Hi Terrell,

Thanks for the info, maybe I'll turn them into client machines !! ;-) ... OK so now how do I deal with the ARP / RARP issue ?


microman cmosnetworks com wrote:

Hello Norbert,

Personally, I'd advise against making LTSP servers out of those SPARC workstations unless they're very beefy w/ lots of DRAM. I have an Ultra 5 here at home, and those boxes topped out at 512MB DRAM and 440MHz CPUs--not LTSP server material, unfortunately, unless you have one client. :-)

An example of good LTSP server hardware from Sun might be a Sun Blade 2000 or 2500 machine w/ two 1-1.28GHz CPUs and 4GB DRAM. Mind you that if you do want to do this, you're looking at about $10,500. For that much money, though, you could build five dual-Athlon systems, each with 4GB DRAM and *fiber* Gig-E. Heck, you could build three dual-Opteron boxes for that much and go 64-bit. Even if you go with a Sun Fire V210, a 1U rack-mount server box, with similar specs as the above, you're looking at about $7000. Remember also that with Sun boxes, especially the newer ones, you'd have to deal with making sure that GNU/Linux for the SPARC64 will actually play nicely with all that proprietary hardware.

On the other hand, LTSP *clients* have been made out of SPARC and UltraSPARC boxes, and I've heard that they work pretty well (I myself haven't yet tried it).


norbert wrote:


There was a post for a "Step-by-step Howto" install and setup LTSP on Sparc (Solaris), does anyone still have a working link to it ?
Our school has a number of Sparc workstations and Ultrasparc that I would like to turn into LTSP servers, does anyone have a working system(s) and could we get some feedback?

Thank you


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