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[K12OSN] Sound on Mac Thick Clients [SOLVED!!!]

woo hoo!

The key was, in Eric's advice the command to put in the inittab was:

esd:5:once:/bin/esd -nobeeps -tcp -port 16001

and it needed to be:

esd:5:once:/usr/bin/esd -nobeeps -tcp -port 16001 -public

so that others can connect. No environment variable manipulation required. weeee!

directly after that is where the X -query command goes. I'll try to wiki this today, since it's working well. Truly amazing. Thank you to everyone involved with LTSP, it's amazing how nice these old 5500s are as thick clients! They have:

800x600 resolution
16 bit color
integrated *working* speakers

Pretty cool for the "junk" we have as an ex-mac school...


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