[K12OSN] Weird GNOME stuff

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Thu Jun 17 16:04:39 UTC 2004

Lewis Holcroft wrote:

> Johnathan,
> At last I can give some input. Though I will also state I may be wrong.
> This has happened to me several times and each time it is a result of 
> file permissions being incorrect. Not knowing what the windows in 
> questions do I can't solve your problem. But I can suggest a test.
> Add a new directory in your home folder "mkdir test", you should now 
> be able to see the folder. Now log in as root and change ownership of 
> the folder to be owned by root "chown root /home/yourfolder/test". Log 
> back in as yourself. Does the folder have the wierd icon now? If so 
> change the ownership back. As root "chown yourlogin /home/yourhome/test"
> If that was the problem, it's time to go see who owns the folder that 
> are giving you problems.
> Lewis

Nope, it does not seem to be a permissions problem. It even does it to 
new users. Although, root can log in perfectly, so perhaps it could be a 
permissions problem of some kind...

Thanks anyway


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