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Re: [K12OSN] Weird GNOME stuff

Lewis Holcroft wrote:


At last I can give some input. Though I will also state I may be wrong.

This has happened to me several times and each time it is a result of file permissions being incorrect. Not knowing what the windows in questions do I can't solve your problem. But I can suggest a test.

Add a new directory in your home folder "mkdir test", you should now be able to see the folder. Now log in as root and change ownership of the folder to be owned by root "chown root /home/yourfolder/test". Log back in as yourself. Does the folder have the wierd icon now? If so change the ownership back. As root "chown yourlogin /home/yourhome/test"

If that was the problem, it's time to go see who owns the folder that are giving you problems.


Nope, it does not seem to be a permissions problem. It even does it to new users. Although, root can log in perfectly, so perhaps it could be a permissions problem of some kind...

Thanks anyway


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