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RE: [K12OSN] slightly OT Time clock system for schools

At my current work we use a software called Hourtrack. I don't have any info
on it, though it runs great through wine when I'm booted into fedora core 1
on my management desktop.

You might be able to find some Web Based technologies for this that would
work just fine or for $3k you could probably hire a web developer (I'm
available :-P) to develop a web app custom tailored to your needs and have
it designed around FireFox. That way you retain windows and Linux
compatibility and you don't alienate any Mac users while your at it.

William McCloskey

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I am in charge of finding a time clock / attendance system for the school 
district.  10 locations.  Suggestions ?  I would love a linux based system 
with a Tk/Perl/Open RDM or lesstif technology.  Most products I have found 
are MS based systems.  Your thoughts please....

The current favorite is Time Clock Plus which is a networkable MS windows / 
dBase 4/5 system. The client side looks pretty low end -- Pentium I & 
windows 95. I am thinking wine and LTSP.  $2146 for 250 employees one time 
cost.  I have hardware.  I want to distribute a client via LTSP.  There is 
an SLQ based system also that use MSDE SQL also at about $6000.

What time clock system does your school use ?  Should I put the crack pipe 
down ?

Thanks for your time,
Tom Ventresco
Austintown Local Schools

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