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Re: [K12OSN] What may have changed?

Please disreguard, updating my mail server and flushed the queue. ;-)

Make sure your server is running X or in "graphical" mode, run level 5.


Hi all,

Yesterday I had a perfectly functioning LTSP server. Today my thin
clients hang when trying to start X. They get as far as the grey screen
and the X cursor for the mouse, but I never get the login. I am using a
standard LTSP server except dhcpd is disabled as I already have a dhcp
server on the network. As a result it has been necessary to update the
following files to match the IP scheme currently used.


the dhcpd.conf file has not been changed since yesterday.

but I did run yum update this afternoon to bring things up to date. Any
guidance would be great.



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