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Re: [K12OSN] server hardware advice needed

For 15-30 clients, that ought to do it nicely. My dual-Athlon w/ 4GB DRAM works fine for 25, with room to spare.

You'll get some folks suggesting to go with at least SCSI, preferably SCSI RAID 5, and they'll be right, assuming that your budget allows for it (mine didn't). I happen to use an 80GB IDE disk, and in my case, things are hummin' right along very nicely. But the SCSI advice is good advice, especially if you'll be doing anything disk-intensive.

Were I you, I'd ensure that any NICs built into that motherboard, if there are any, are in fact compatible with the *stock* Linus Torvalds Linux kernel from www.kernel.org, without any additional third-party drivers or other additions. Making sure that this is the case will make things much easier on you, trust me. The way I test this is to try installing a minimal Slackware system, since Slackware, with the sole exception of v9.0 (one stability kernel patch was added back then), does in fact use an unmodified Torvalds kernel.


jim phillips wrote:

Hi all,

We are server shopping for a small school.

Looking at a system from Ironsystems. M1520 with a rioworks HDAMA mobo,
dual opteron, 4GB RAM.

Any input from those who know?

We will have 15 to 30 clients.



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