[K12OSN] samba/LDAP, DHCP, WINS, DNS on a 1GB quad P3 500 ?

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Jun 18 17:08:03 UTC 2004

> We got those 4 Proliant 6000s I mentioned on the list last month.
> They are big suckers! and yes, to who ever said it "they do 
> sound like turbine" :-|
> They are all set up with RAID 5.
> I'm thinking that one of these would be a prime candidate for 
> a samba/LDAP along with some other services.
> I'd like to combine the ram of the remaining 3 into one (5 
> GB) and test it out as an K12LTSP and see how many terminals 
> I can power up before it grinds to a halt. :-)

I am no expert on LTSP but I can assure you that they would make
excellent file,mail,web servers.  I hate to say that because I sure
would like to get my hands on them for the shipping costs, but bottom
line is they should make excellent servers for you. 

And yes, be sure their in a room separate from where you work.  When I
got my first Quad Processor Dell with 6 10,000 rpm SCSI drives and
triple power supplies I decided to test it in standard fashion (my
livingroom at home), lets just say my wife wasn't exactly happy, and
that was before I yanked a SCSI to see how the RAID reacted and couldn't
shut off the alarm for the next 1 1/2 hours.  Also save the doctor bills
and have someone help carry them :-)

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