[K12OSN] Re: server hardware advice needed

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Fri Jun 18 17:18:51 UTC 2004

FWIW we have 2 servers

one is a dell 2500 dual 900 Mhz with scsi raid on 3 9.X GB HDs and 3.5

the other is a white box with dual 1.7 Ghz, 4 GB RAM and a promise raid
controller with 4 40 GB IDE's.

The Lab has 40 terminals and either box on it's own will run the lab.
The white box being a noticeably better performer but not quick enough
to keep everyone from getting impatient. My experience has been that
either of these boxes will host 25 terminals running OO and mozilla. 

A few people running the chess game starts to slow everything down as
does the java / flash sites our 1st and 2nd graders visit.

 /home is running off the dell and is shared via cross over cable on
it's own segment.

Both running K12LTSP 3.1.1 and using Gnome desktop.

2 1/2 years now and everyone is very satisfied with the lab.


> Dale Sykora wrote:
> > To add to Jim's suggestion, I have heard good things about 3ware raid 
> > cards.  I'm not sure if this was the card seen at buy.com
> >
> I am currently using a 3ware 12 port SATA raid controller with linux for 
> our backup server. This card is great, and handles hardware failure very 
> well. I must admit that the software it comes with for linux (called 
> 3dm) is very useful, as it's a web-based raid administration. I can 
> remove and and drives from home if I needed to. I must complain about 
> the installer that came with the software, as it doesn't install the 
> program correctly. None the less, Highly recommended.
> --Matt

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