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Re: [K12OSN] Re: 1st try samba/ldap = (missing perl Net::LDAP and perl Net::LDAP::LDIF)

John Baillie wrote:

I got it stuck in my head that this part was done and verified at the
cpan prompt. At some point I'd like to know why the mods show at cpan
but still had to install rpms, but as long as it works...

I think I can explain this. When you attempted to install the smbldap-tools RPM, rpm checked only its internal database to see if the required RPMs are already installed. Since you used CPAN to install the Net::LDAP bundle, rpm had no idea they were actually there. This would be true of any package you installed from a source other than an RPM package. For example, if you installed apache from source instead of an RPM, any other RPM requiring apache would not install.

Had you chosen to install the smbldap-tools rpm with the '--nodeps' flag, you would probably have had a perfectly fine working system, but I don't blame you for finding and installing the Net-LDAP RPM, as that was the safer way to handle it.

Hope this helps!

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