[K12OSN] Sound on Mac Thick Clients [SOLVED!!!]

k12osn at collinsoft.com k12osn at collinsoft.com
Sat Jun 19 20:04:22 UTC 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Shawn Powers wrote:
> directly after that is where the X -query command goes.  I'll try to 
> wiki this today, since it's working well.  Truly amazing.  Thank you to 
> everyone involved with LTSP, it's amazing how nice these old 5500s are 
> as thick clients!  They have:
> 800x600 resolution
> 16 bit color
> integrated *working* speakers
> Pretty cool for the "junk" we have as an ex-mac school...

What network cards are you using in the 5500s?

Ryan Collins
Director of IT - Kenton City Schools

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