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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP vs. Skolelinux

 Why did you
> choose K12LTSP in the end?  I>

Our school use k12LTSP even though we are a Norwegian school and we have
tried both distros.

Skolelinux is a great project which support a great deal of solutions in one
box. Our choice is K12LTSP because we feel it is more up to date ( mainly
the graphical environment) and that we are able to adapt the system to meet
our needs. My impression is that skolelinux is more locked. It works out of
the box, but it is more difficult to change the system to fit your special
needs. If you are looking for a system that will work out of the box with
Ltsp, ldap, samba, and a lot more., then look no further, Skolelinux is a
great solution. (Skolelinux just hit v.1.0. K12ltsp is almost ready for v.

Skolelinux look older, mainly because the folks behind it prefer 100 %
stability and choose solutions that are haviliy testet through years....

But as I said. Our decision is K12LTSP mainly because of its new and up to
date design and solutions. And the ability to change it to meet our

Kjetil Knudsen

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