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Re: [K12OSN] Distributed Samba deployment opinions?

Quentin Hartman wrote:

	I am going to be deploying a Samba domain / file serving infrastructure
in my district this summer. The buildings in my district are
interconnected via T1 lines, and the major design goals of this project

1- Only Internet and authentication should generally traverse the T1
links between buildings (each building has its own file server locally).

2- Authentication should work globally so that people may easily move
from building to building and still have things work, even if their home
directory is not stored on the local file server.

3- Home directories need to be easy to migrate from one file server to
another should someone permanently change buildings.

Hi Quentin,

I'm looking at exactly the same scenario (several geographically separated buildings with T1 connectivity), with the added bonus of far too common network outages.

My plan is to have each of the site servers configured, effectively, as BDCs, each with their own LDAP server (slaved from the primary at the DO) and Samba authenticating local clients. The only difference between this and your stated goals is that not even authentication would traverse the WAN, just internet and the occasional user's data if they're away from their home site. I entertained the idea of using rsync to keep up to date files from all sites on all servers, but the times it would be needed are so few and far between that I didn't deem it worthwhile. I will be rsyncing all machines to one central server nightly for backups, which would also make a fine place to migrate a user from one site to another.

Hope this helps,

Chris Hobbs       Silver Valley Unified School District
Head geek:              Technology Services Coordinator
webmaster:   http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/
postmaster:               chobbs silvervalley k12 ca us
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