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Gideon from Symbio Technologies (www.symbio-technologies.com) kindly sent me this solution for the USB jump drive support on clients!


Saw your post about flash drives. If you put the attached file in: /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/rc.d/ Then specify "RCFILE_02=usbdrived" in your lts.conf

(along with "RCFILE_01=usb"), you should have working flash drives through the MToolsFM application the next time you reboot the thin client.

Script from attached file is as follows:


# First, since floppyd runs as nobody, make /tmp world accessible.
chmod 777 /tmp
mkdir /tmp/dev
chmod 777 /tmp/dev
# Second, probe for the floppy
#modprobe scsi_mod
#modprobe sg
modprobe usb-storage
# Third, make the floppy world accessible.
mknod /tmp/dev/sda b 8 0
mknod /tmp/dev/sda1 b 8 1
chmod 666 /tmp/dev/sd*
# Finally, start floppyd.
floppyd -d /tmp/dev/sda1
the only change I had to make was changing 'sda & sda1' to 'sdb and sdb1' respectively, as my server runs scsi and 'sda1' was already occupied =)
I've not fiddled with Wiki enough to add/submit this to the USB technical doc already there, but Gideon gave permission if someone would like.
This will save thousands of floppies world-wide I'm sure! 
Free from the bondage of floppies!!!

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