[K12OSN] Postfix Mail Server tutorial

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jun 22 12:59:57 UTC 2004

> "File containing list of incoming queue dirs 
> (/var/spool/postfix.in/defered)" does not exist.

I know how typing in a hurry can get you, but above you spelled deferred
with one "r".  Looking at my reference tutorial it should be 2 r's as in
my previous sentence.  That could be enough to trip it up.  Here is the
link for the tutorial again

I skip the final step for setting mysql for squirrelmail address books,
I use open webmail instead.  IMHO it is a much more complete and nice
looking webmail, it has a calendar and webdisk as well which I set to
bring users into their home directory.  This solved my concerns for
offsite users having to access with FTP.

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