[K12OSN] Postfix Mail Server tutorial

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jun 22 13:49:22 UTC 2004

> 	Yes, I did find that last night, sorry my mistake.... I 
> did however notice one of the log files shows "MailScanner 
> E-Mail Virus Scanner version 4.30.3 starting". This message 
> appears in the mail log every 10 seconds. It never actually 
> says it has started. Any ideas here....
> 	Again sorry about the typo......

Can you start it manually with "/etc/init.d/MailScanner restart" without
errors?  And with the typo, was that only in your email or did your
MailScanner.conf actually have the typo?  I built one server one day and
the next day built another and the second wouldn't work, I found
comparing all of the config files line by line was the best way to fix
the problem.  Here are the links to the reference configs from the
tutorial if you want to do a quick comparison.  This was a life saver
for me, as I get in a hurry and "fat finger" things all the time.

Anything beyond that is more than I can handle.  I am still very new to
Linux email in general.

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