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Re: [K12OSN] Too upgrade to Fedora Core 2 thats question

Currently we're running FC2 in a "pre-production" test server that has
ended up getting some pretty heavy use and is actually running a Jabber
server for internal office IM. At the moment it's also running
Egroupware and Moodle (as well as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc). It's on an
old PIII 650...and a Compaq at that. :P But, it does run fine, and I
haven't had any problems with FC2 since the install. It's only been up
for 28 days though. We're planning on using FC2 in a few full production
boxes come this fall. So, I have some faith in it. Of course, if my
little pre-production server died this afternoon I would cry all that

The only real problem I've had with FC2 was when I tried to do an
upgrade from FC1...I had a few issues with KDE on the box that I
upgraded. But I've since just wiped it and done a fresh FC2 install.
Since then I haven't had any problems. So, I'm not sure I'd upgrade a
production box to FC2 at this point, simply because I've had some
trouble with the upgrade. However, I'd certainly plan on phasing in FC2
over FC1 on any box where I could do a fresh install. Hope this helps.


On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 13:59, Glenn Arnold wrote:
> I need to upgrade my Redhat 9 servers to LDAP, so I can configure samba
> BDCs and off load some of the network authentication traffic off my
> samba PDC. From the instructions I have seen sure seems like it would be
> easier if I would up grade to Fedora Core 2.  The problem is I have some
> concerns on the stability of Fedora Core.  Anybody currently using
> Fedora Core in production?  I have ran Fedora core 1 and now 2 on my
> home PC with some quirky problems which eventually get fixed, but in a
> production environment that could cause some big headaches.  Any
> Opinions?
> Thanks
> -Glenn
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