[K12OSN] Gconf again

Lewis Holcroft lewis at pcc.com
Tue Jun 22 20:24:00 UTC 2004

I'm going to be hairless very soon.

I have been plugging away at this for a day now with still no luck.

I used gconftool-2 to set a mandatory rule for gnome-terminal. I want 
to disable F1 for all users as we use the function keys within a 
program. I don't want to have each user edit their own setting. The 
mandatory setting did get applied. As when I open a gnome-terminal and 
check the Keyboard settings Help is set disabled (was F1 by default). 
The problem is that if I hit F1 the help viewer still comes up.

I have googled this and see many people ask the same question, but no 
solutions other that have the individual users update their own 

Am I the only person who needs this stupid help option disabled? has 
anybody found a global solution?

Thanks in advance


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