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[K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

Paul, et all:

I grow increasingly worried as my servers are traveling to my district... No one (including Microsoft) seems to be able to give me an accurate picture of performance with many folks connected to a Microsoft terminal services machine.

Paul's setup at Riverdale has 100 computers all able to access the server -- but I doubt all 100 are usually connected. I'll mainly have folks using Microsoft Office (grumble grumble) and our proprietary student management system, which isn't really that big.

Does ANYONE have any idea how many concurrent connections a big server can handle? I just found out today (again, showing my lack of Microsoft experience) that there is no version of windows that can even try to access more than 4GB of RAM in a server. That worries me.

I have 1 Server, with dual 3.2Ghz/2MB Cache Xeons, and 6GB (only 4 usable now...) of RAM, all running on a RAID 5 ULTRA320 array, and dual Gig ethernet. I just couldn't think of anything more to throw at it for performance!

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

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