[K12OSN] NIS help

xyz xyz babaliciouse at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 15:20:53 UTC 2004

I am attempting to get NIS up and running as master on
server1 (acting as samba server) and as slave on
server 2 (acting as ltsp server). I understood that
having NIS would help me keep users and groups in sync
- I followed all the instructions on the HOW TO - but
i'm not seeing the passwd files on the slave looking
the same as master. 
also, on server1 which runs samba and authenticates
all windows users i have a /shares directory
containing directories for managers, admins,
instructors and students and have created netlogon
scripts that map to these drives - depending on who
the user is. 
eg, user xyz belongs to group manager and has access
to /home/xyz, /shares/manager, /shares/admins,

this is all great, but when i want to allow user xyz
to use a terminal that uses server2(ltsp) to login he
needs to be able to see his /home (which i have
mounted as nfs - so this works) as well as needs to
have access to the /shares - not sure how to do this

your help is much appreciated - 
(eagerly learning linux)

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