[K12OSN] NIS help

Henry Burroughs hburroughs at HHPREP.ORG
Wed Jun 23 16:36:30 UTC 2004

For NIS, the /etc/passwd file will never change on server2.  Run the
command "getent passwd"  That is the correct way to query the
password/user list and make sure you have all the users (it uses nis,
ldap, etc when available).  If this doesn't work, you aren't
setup/connected via NIS properly.

Now for the /share directory... the simplest route would be to nfs mount
/share on server2 just like you did /home.  Then the users will be able
to browse to /share and have access to their directory.  You will want
to make sure that your permissions are correct on the other
directories... otherwise people will be able to access them and possibly
write/delete files in them.  A good check would be to use an instructors
login under windows and type this in the run box: "//server2/manager"...
basically you want to check to see that people who shouldn't have access
can't get to it manually... if they can, then your UNIX file permissions
are not tight enough.

I just recently upgraded my fileserver to Fedora Core 2 so I can use
Acess Control Lists (ACLs) now.  I once had all my user directories
accessible by everyone else.... oops....  Hope this helps.


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[K12OSN] NIS help
Wed, 23 Jun 2004
08:20:53 -0700

        I am attempting to get NIS up and running as master on
        server1 (acting as samba server) and as slave on
        server 2 (acting as ltsp server). I understood that
        having NIS would help me keep users and groups in sync
        - I followed all the instructions on the HOW TO - but
        i'm not seeing the passwd files on the slave looking
        the same as master. 
        also, on server1 which runs samba and authenticates
        all windows users i have a /shares directory
        containing directories for managers, admins,
        instructors and students and have created netlogon
        scripts that map to these drives - depending on who
        the user is. 
        eg, user xyz belongs to group manager and has access
        to /home/xyz, /shares/manager, /shares/admins,
        this is all great, but when i want to allow user xyz
        to use a terminal that uses server2(ltsp) to login he
        needs to be able to see his /home (which i have
        mounted as nfs - so this works) as well as needs to
        have access to the /shares - not sure how to do this
        your help is much appreciated - 
        (eagerly learning linux)

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