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Re: [K12OSN] Logging onto the server from a windows machine

I use TopGunSSH (http://www.ai/~iang/TGssh/) on my Treo 300. Works fairly well, though you can't use vi at all with it, which is frustrating :)

(And on a complete tangent, if you're using your 600 with out my RadioControl [GPL], you're missing out -- http://clanhobbs.org/treo ;)

Karolow, Mike [ITS] wrote:

Is that TuSSH or one of the others that I've read about  I also have a
Treo600 and never even thought of this before, but it sounds like a life

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If you allow inbound ssh over the internet to your server, there are
a number of cell phones/pda's that will let you connect from literally
anywhere. I use a Sprint treo600 with a free third party ssh
program. It is painful to type on the tiny keyboard but it sometimes
beats driving twenty miles to fix something. There is also a PPTP
VPN client (not free) and a VNC client (free, but I need the VPN to
reach my machines so I don't use it).

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