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Re: [K12OSN] Bigmem

Shawn Powers wrote:
As I send out the PO for our new servers with 6GB of RAM -- I recall an issue with the bigmem kernel... Is that still a problem?

Well -- little update... I contacted the fellows in Largo, FL (the ones that use separate servers for each app) because they've had years of things "just working" They have servers running 32bit processors, and upwards of 12GB of RAM. They run Redhat Enterprise, and have not fiddled with LTSP at all. (They actually have X client hardware, so don't need to use LTSP)

I figure I'll do some more research, and perhaps set up one of my servers as the "OpenOffice" server with a bigmem kernel. In Largo, they use rsh to start the OpenOffice program from the giant server, and haven't had a glitch with the > 4GB of RAM issue...

Anyone willing to give me thier take on the "big hogs" when it comes to applications? I know that OpenOffice takes a lot of resources -- how about Mozilla? Evolution? Any others? I'm trying to make sure I break up my servers appropriately.

Thanks again to all,

Shawn Powers
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