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Re: [K12OSN] XDM too many retransmissions

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 13:47, Jeff Kinz wrote:

> Its always good to have multiple options for network equipment
> especially low end switches when doing an LTSP install.
> Thank you for sharing this info.  It is definitely useful.

A couple of things you may run into with switches:

If one end has been locked to a specific duplex setting, at
least with Cisco equipment that will disable negotiation and the
other end is forced to assume half-duplex if it isn't also locked,
which is almost always wrong.  The mismatch causes dropped packets
and a drastic reduction in throughput although tcp retries will
tend to hide the problem.

If the switch port does not pass data while doing spanning-tree
it may take an extra 20 to 30 seconds to connect whenever
the port has dropped.  For clients you'll see this before a PXE boot
and again after the kernel is loaded and tries to get it's DHCP

   Les Mikesell
    les futuresource com

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