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[K12OSN] LDAP Authentication - Was:K12LSTP and MacOS X Server

My adventures in LDAP Authentication continues.

In the previous installment, I had a working LDAP user database running from my MacOS X 10.3 server. I asked why it wouldn't work from the LTSP client, but it would work from a console on the server.

In this installment, I have created a new LDAP database, running off of a Debian linux box. Again, I am able to login via console on the LTSP server, but am not able to login using the LTSP thin client.

I poked around a bit more, and I found that there are some PAM configuration files in the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc directories. Before I start hacking, I figured I'd ask if these are the source of my LTSP problems, or if there is a better spot to look for answers?

Thanks again,

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I'm having some trouble with my K12LTSP 4.0.1 authentication. I'm attempting to authenticate against a MacOS X Server (Version 10.3.4) using LDAP.

I was looking in the archives for some help, and I found a great email from Eric Harrison on this very subject:


So, I followed the instructions as close as I could. There have been some changes since that article had been posted. Most things I was able to figure out without much trouble.

So here's the catch: I can now login to my K12LTSP server using users from the MacOS X's LDAP. But if I try to login as a LDAP user from one of the LTSP clients, it tells me "Wrong Username or Password". Shouldn't the redhat-config-authentication utility resolve this like it does for the local console?

Any help would be appreciated.


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