[K12OSN] Ignorance is bliss..but this is outrageous...

Tim Litwiller tim at litwiller.net
Thu Jun 24 06:28:46 UTC 2004

#1 reason to not build a site in flash  - search engines will find no 
content at the site so no one will be able to find your site.   - If no 
one can find the site what is the point of building it.

#2 beginners should be taught about the building blocks of a web site, 
how to make the site accessable - flash makes a site inaccessable to 
handicapped and mobile browsers.

#3 the people that push flash the most are people converting from paper 
publishing and they think they have this new found freedom to create 
interactive sites - then they find out that in html  absolute 
positioning is not easy - different users have different sized screens 
etc.  so to get the exact layout they want they move to flash.

I don't have a problem with some one adding a little bit of flash to a 
web site - but of all the flashy flash sites I've seen none come close 
to the easy of use, speed and functionality of good old html. Good fluid 
page design should be taught and design is not the top priority of a web 
site - content is. 
If you where trying to find some information on the internet which would 
you choose? a fancy moving page that took 5 minutes to scroll to the 
bottom of a tiny little flash scroll interface and had some awfull music 
that you can't turn off or a site the that had the information you where 
looking for and you could scroll to the information you need and back 
before the flash site even got loaded?  I don't know anyone that 
appreciates getting stuck in a flash site.

Huck wrote:

> at one of the schools I support..there is a decision being made to 
> incorporate 'FLASH' into the computer curriculm...
> Flash in and of itself is not bad...but teaching it as a primary 
> design tool for webpages IS BAD.
> It's nearly as bad as teaching Frontpage without explaining HTML or 
> CSS in order to learn how to design and develop a decent website.
> I need help in explaining that adhering to a standard and teaching the 
> concepts behind the standard is more important than having flashy 
> moving objects and animations on a website.
> The worst part is the people involved in making the ultimate decision 
> and providing the teaching currently have zero experience with Flash 
> or any sort of Web page design.
> How would you go about nipping this in the bud given the decision 
> isn't yours?
> --Huck
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