[K12OSN] Ignorance is bliss..but this is outrageous...

Steve sjsj at freespace.net
Thu Jun 24 16:05:06 UTC 2004

> I've been working with our web developer on fixing a problem that was 
> created years ago. Similar situation, use this product because it is 
> cool. However we have spent the last 6 months trying to clean up all the 
> problems/hacks. In the process we came across a great web page aimed at 
> the design industry. http://csszengarden.com/ Their goal is to encourage 
> designers to use a standard piece of validated html. They are not 
> allowed to change the html. They are allowed to change the css to 
> implement their designs. We actually showed this to our staff in an 
> effort to explain why correct, validated, html was more important in the 
> long run. Using standards means that web content does not break down 
> when viewed in different browsers. i.e They work in non IE environments. 
> So perhaps sharing this with the folks may help. It is very pretty and 
> we all know how much more important eye candy is over content ;)

Wow this is fantastic, I am trying to get to grips with css and this 
site ahs really motivated me.

And now I can show people this and explain why it is important to get 
the foundations right.

Lurking on this list has taught me alot :-)

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