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Re: [K12OSN] Terminal Services for Windows

Shawn Powers wrote:

I know it's possible with citrix, but is it possible with standard Terminal Services (via win2k3 server) to send a single app rather than an entire desktop?

My plan now it to show our secretaries how to use multiple desktops in KDE, and have one desktop be an rdesktop session. If I could just get an app to work singly via rdesktop (I have the full licensing needed), that'd be even better.


Hello Shawn,

To my knowledge, Windows itself does not have--nor ever has had--anything like the X11 protocol. With Windows, the GUI is tied to that specific instance of the underlying OS and itself knows nothing about remote access or TCP/IP. Therefore, Windows apps know nothing about TCP/IP connections for displaying themselves remotely either. So, you'll need to give 'em the whole desktop, not just one app.

This is one of the forward-looking things about the old UNIX hackers and the architecture that we who use that architecture are appreciating to this day. If you want that for Windows, then, based on what you mentioned above, it looks like you've got to pony up for Citrix.


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