[K12OSN] Remote Management Problems

Noel Corbett raven_512 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 25 12:18:23 UTC 2004

Hi Everyone...
I've got a Linux server setup at the school I work at and i've been 
attempting to manage it remotely using putty from my home machine. My home 
connection is a dsl line and the school connection is a dial up account. 
Currently I'm trying to update the machine, it runs gentoo so it compiles 
all the software but before I can get anything compiled the connection gets 
dropped (usually as a result of a disconnect on the 56k end) and the compile 
What i'd like to know is can i somehow get the emerge process to run in the 
background so that i can disconnect from the machine and keep it running.  I 
live about 50km away from the school and only go in occasionally to perform 
various tasks if I could do these updates from home I'd be a happy man.


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