[K12OSN] cannot get machine booted

Dale Harkness dharkness at nsd2.com
Fri Jun 25 14:42:35 UTC 2004

i have a few IBM PC 340 desktops that have onboard video cards (Cirrus 
Logic), about 16 MB of Ram, and about 3 GB of HD space.  naturally being 
such a slow machine i wanted to use this for LTSP, so i slapped in a 
bootable NIC from Intel Pro 100.  when i try to take this machine onto 
LTSP it gets to the spot where it is starting XFree86, then just sits 
there and does nothing.  no error message on screen or anything.  i have 
let it go for a while and it does not proceed.  i thought maybe it might 
be the onboard video, so i slapped in a PCI based video card, but same 
thing happens there too.  is the IBM PC 340 just not going to work, i 
have tried 2 or 3 and none seem to work.

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