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Re: [K12OSN] cannot get machine booted

Quentin Hartman wrote:

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 07:42, Dale Harkness wrote:

i have a few IBM PC 340 desktops that have onboard video cards (Cirrus Logic), about 16 MB of Ram, and about 3 GB of HD space.


i thought maybe it might be the onboard video, so i slapped in a PCI based video card, but same thing happens there too. is the IBM PC 340 just not going to work, i have tried 2 or 3 and none seem to work.

Was the chipset on the PCI card you put in also Cirrus? There are a couple revisions of Cirrus chipsets that are supported on older Xfree versions, but not newer ones. They are in the 54xx family, I don't remember the exact model. Also, what about the monitor? If it is getting run in too high of a refresh rate, some will blank the screen instead of displaying the garbage typically associated with too high refresh rates.

the PCI card is ATI based. the monitor is a monitor we are using for other LTSP installs and they all work fine. after a while the screen does black out though, (i would say after 5 minutes or so). do you think maybe the refresh rate still has something to do with it?

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