[K12OSN] cannot get machine booted

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Fri Jun 25 15:49:19 UTC 2004

You might also try setting the run-level for one of these to 3 in the lts.conf 
file.  That will boot the terminal to a command line, and then run 'sh 
/tmp/start_ws' on that terminal.  X will probably fail but hopefully tell you why.


Quentin Hartman wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 08:20, Dale Harkness wrote:
>>the monitor is a monitor we are using for 
>>other LTSP installs and they all work fine.  after a while the screen 
>>does black out though, (i would say after 5 minutes or so). do you think 
>>maybe the refresh rate still has something to do with it?
> Could be, hard to say for sure though. A couple of options (not
> necessarily listed in the best order for testing):
> -Take the video card from your known working terminal (if you can) and
> place it in this machine and see if it works with this monitor
> -Temporarily put a very high-quality monitor on this machine and see if
> it works
> -Once you are at your blank screen, see if you can switch VT's. If you
> can, see if any error messages are being displayed, particularly on VT
> 12.
> -Try booting this machine with a Live CD (BBC, Knoppix, Slax, etc...)
> and see if it works that way. That will tell you if it might be a
> problem specific to LTSP...
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