[K12OSN] Linux Auth'ing to Novell Edirectory-- Next Question

Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Fri Jun 25 16:21:41 UTC 2004


For fear of being rude, but why did you create all the accounts on the linux
box?  What then is the point of using eDir?  For me the point was not having
to create 400 student and staff accounts a second time, and then to keep the
password sync'd.  But now that you have the user accounts created, why do
you want the linux <--> novell eDir interaction?

I may be totally misunderstanding something here :-( I'm sorry if that is
the case!

How would I proceed?

1) delete all the user accounts on the linux box.  Leave your own accounts,
some test accounts, root, etc. ... on the linux box

2) install the PAM_NCP_AUTH according to the wiki documentation. ... see a
previous post in this thread.

This is a well written document.  It was immensely helpful to me when I set
up the PAM module.

3) configure per my previous instructions, the wiki, and another previous
poster in this thread.

4) let the computer do all the work for you! :-)  and enjoy the results.

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LANtech - Didsbury
Chinook's Edge School Div.

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Next question....I already have the user accounts created on the mail server
and on edirectory. What will I need to do? The accounts are identical on
server (lastnamefirstinitial)
Caleb Wagnon
Technology Coordinator
Fordyce School District

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