[K12OSN] /spool/mail question

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Sun Jun 27 00:04:39 UTC 2004

This isn't LTSP specific -- but is there a proper way (or a reason NOT 
to) to use NFS to export the /var/spool/mail directory from my email 
server to all my LTSP servers?  It would make email programs a lot 
easier to set up, since "local mail" would literally be the actual email 
system mail.

I'm not sure what happens with someone on machine1 sends local mail to 
username1 at the same time that username1 gets a *real* email on the 
email server.  Does NFS locking work in this case?

I obviously don't want to break email -- but if all the computers shared 
a common /var/spool/mail, it would add some convienience.

Anyone doing this?  Is this a common thing in *nix systems?  Is this an 
insane idea?

Thanks a bunch,
Shawn Powers
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