[ok-mail] Re: [K12OSN] Terminal Services for Windows

John Hansknecht jhansknecht at hanstech.com
Sun Jun 27 00:50:51 UTC 2004

On Saturday 26 June 2004 08:12 pm, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Do they get the standard login window, then it switches to a single app?
>   Does closing the window for the app log them out, or are they still
> logged in with the single application running?  If so, do subsequent
> logins get you back the program as you left it?

They get the standard windows small logon screen with username and password 
boxes (doesn't show the full screen windows background). Then it goes right 
into the application. The -f flag makes it full screen, without the -f you 
will have an rdesktop application window on Linux with the windows 
application inside that window.




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