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Re: [K12OSN] Windoze Terminal Server and K12LTSP

Do your apps run on WINE or CrossOver Office? If so, you'd avoid all of the above CAL/TCAL/WinServer licensing crap.

Maybe -- but that's step 2. :) See, getting linux in the door is the hardest part. By honestly saying there will be the ability to have windows at every terminal in ADDITION to everything linux has to offer, it allowed me to get linux on every desktop next year.

Once folks use linux on a daily basis, and see that really, windows isn't needed, it can be phased out over time. You quoted Paul Nelson -- and indeed he did the same thing. Terminal Services allowed him to say, "we DO have windows" -- and let natural selection eliminate the weaker species. :)

If wine or crossover office can help in the future, once linux is "popular" in our district, we may have staff willingness to try eliminating the big black M.

My other thread (or is it this thread? Dang I post a lot...) mentions using rdesktop -s to get an app in just a windows on the linux screen. That would be a great transisional step to wine and/or crossover office.

Anyway, </soapbox> ;)

Have a great weekend,

And yes, it is
complicated; I used to be a MS reseller a few years ago, and I had to be very careful when making a quote for someone, especially if it involved Windows Terminal Server.

Isn't this why folks, e. g. the Paul Nelsons of the world, are moving to Free Software in the first place? To get their freedom back from the likes of this crap? Someone, please tell me if I'm wrong.


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