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Re: [K12OSN] Windoze Terminal Server and K12LTSP

I'm on the teaching end and this is what our district network and purchasing people put out to us.

Terrell Prudé, Jr. wrote:

Shawn Powers wrote:

John P. Conlon wrote:

Yes because the possibility of access and use is there.

I just don't read that anywhere -- someone please point me in the right direction. I understand that I need a TCAL for using the session, and a CAL for actually accessing the server -- but I think the Terminal OS license is only required if you use a Microsoft OS Terminal (ie a WinCE thin client or something)

I dont' doubt that Microsoft would want to charge for an OS license on the client -- but I dont' think in this particular case they can...

Also, looking at the Riverdale Case Study -- there were no licenses purchased for Microsoft OS on the thin clients.

Please, more feedback -- especially from folks that have done this...


Do your apps run on WINE or CrossOver Office? If so, you'd avoid all of the above CAL/TCAL/WinServer licensing crap. And yes, it is complicated; I used to be a MS reseller a few years ago, and I had to be very careful when making a quote for someone, especially if it involved Windows Terminal Server.

Isn't this why folks, e. g. the Paul Nelsons of the world, are moving to Free Software in the first place? To get their freedom back from the likes of this crap? Someone, please tell me if I'm wrong.


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