[K12OSN] Windoze Terminal Server and K12LTSP

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Sun Jun 27 21:03:08 UTC 2004

I'm on the teaching end and this is what our district network and 
purchasing people put out to us.

Terrell Prudé, Jr. wrote:

> Shawn Powers wrote:
>> John P. Conlon wrote:
>>> Yes because the possibility of access and use is there.
>> I just don't read that anywhere -- someone please point me in the 
>> right direction.  I understand that I need a TCAL for using the 
>> session, and a CAL for actually accessing the server -- but I think 
>> the Terminal OS license is only required if you use a Microsoft OS 
>> Terminal (ie a WinCE thin client or something)
>> I dont' doubt that Microsoft would want to charge for an OS license 
>> on the client -- but I dont' think in this particular case they can...
>> Also, looking at the Riverdale Case Study -- there were no licenses 
>> purchased for Microsoft OS on the thin clients.
>> Please, more feedback -- especially from folks that have done this...
>> thanks,
>> -Shawn
> Do your apps run on WINE or CrossOver Office?  If so, you'd avoid all 
> of the above CAL/TCAL/WinServer licensing crap.  And yes, it is 
> complicated; I used to be a MS reseller a few years ago, and I had to 
> be very careful when making a quote for someone, especially if it 
> involved Windows Terminal Server.
> Isn't this why folks, e. g. the Paul Nelsons of the world, are moving 
> to Free Software in the first place?  To get their freedom back from 
> the likes of this crap?  Someone, please tell me if I'm wrong.
> --TP
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