[K12OSN] RE: newbie, too many variables

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Mon Jun 28 02:11:35 UTC 2004

Hi Folks,

I tried a rom-o-matic or two, and it didn't even recognize the disk, I tried
two different bios updates.  It's still not working.  I don't think I'll
find a NIC only updater, since the things soldered to the mobo.

Could the fact that my nic isn't on this list...
And the ones similar to it all show no one able to netboot off the things
be a bad sign for me?

Are there nics/firmwares/configs out there that just can't do the LTSP
thing?  Or is there always a way?  This little computer I got would be a
perfect thin client, if it could boot, of course.

Any advice?



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>> Hey,
>> Thanks for steering me in this direction.  Makes me feel a
>little stupid
>> for
>> retyping the same things 40 times in my conf files.  Anyway, I have a
>> question.  Can I avoid the whole BIOS flashing business if
>I'm willing to
>> pay $10 for a new NIC?  Or does the problem lie in the mobo.
>> ck
>I don't know, I suppose as long as the new nic has either
>etherboot rom or
>PXE it should.  My problem, which appears to be identical to
>the one you
>had, was related to an onboard nic which the upgrade to the bios solved
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