[K12OSN] More Windoze terminal server questions

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Mon Jun 28 11:17:38 UTC 2004

David Trask wrote:
 > in an effort to avoid having my users having to have two
 > accounts....?????


Nathan, the developer, worked with me last year -- to make sure terminal 
session authentication worked.  It's great, you eliminate the whole 
"active directory" thing altogether.  It has an LDAP authentication 
module too.

The program creates users on the fly, using the "default user" template 
for policies, and if you ask it to, it will delete the user as they log 
out.  I was going to try using that method to get around MS licensing, 
but it just wasn't worth the trouble (or legal issues if they arrived)

See, an account is created and deleted at login/logout (if you set pgina 
to do that) so my logic was, you only need 1 license per user, and since 
the users are deleted...

BUT, the licensing says that you can only transfer user accounts if the 
user is PERMENENTLY deleted, and it's the question of whether a user is 
permenently deleted if you plan to recreate an account the next time 
they log in.

So I just purchased all the device licenses I needed. :)

But check out pgina -- it's amazingly simple, and amazingly useful.

(You can authenticat from LDAP, NIS, PAM, even a slashdot account)


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