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Re: [K12OSN] Windoze Terminal Server and K12LTSP

Brian Chase wrote:

Thats a good article, I recommend going with the TS "device" CAL for use with K12LTSP, so the device can just be the LTSP server and all users can get to it.

You don't get off that easy -- here's a repost of my response to this discussion a few months ago:

Shawn Powers wrote:

This really isn't me being sneaky, I'm seriously curious about CALs for this type of installation. I guess I never realized you needed a CAL for every account on the server. I thought you could use the "per seat" type licensing.

Under Windows 2003, "Per Seat" licensing went away, replaced by Per User or Per Device.

"Per Server" licensing still exists, but only for Windows CALs, not for Terminal Service CALs (TS CALs). TS CALs must be either Per User or Per Device.

Accessing Terminal Services requires both a Windows CAL and a TS CAL.

The way I read this, if you had a single server expecting no more than 50 concurrent connections, you could get away with only purchasing 50 Windows CALs. However, you would still need Per User or Per Device CALs for *every* username or *every* device that might make a TS connection. In a school with many more users than devices, I'd expect you'd choose Per Device. If you have 200 potential terminals, you'd need 200 Per Device TS CALs to go with your 50 Windows CALs.



This thread hits home to me, as I'm about to propose rdesktop as a solution to our "blind need for windows"

Hope this helps!

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