[K12OSN] Netatalk Permissions not working

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon Jun 28 22:39:48 UTC 2004

> > And be prepared to delete the .AppleDB folder regularly.  When it's 
> > recreated, the ownership will be of the first person to log in, and will 
> > have to be adjusted.
> > 
> > I struggled with corrupt .AppleDB files all year.  I never did come up 
> > with a solution other than manual intervention.
Could you just write a script that located all .AppleDB files and chmod 777 
on them so that even if they were owned by someone else the new user would 
always be able to modify them and schedule it to run periodically.  All other 
files should be safe if the folder permissions are unaltered....right?

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