[K12OSN] Just a quick thanks for everyones efforts

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jun 29 14:15:54 UTC 2004

I just wanted to thank everyone for your help with all of my questions
over the last few months.  Thanks to you guys I have now switched 5 of
our area schools over to Linux for the following:
Postfix for email server
Openwebmail for webmail
ClamAV for antivirus
Mailman for Mailing Lists
Bind for DNS
Linux for DHCP
Samba for Windows file sharing
Netatalk for Apple file sharing
VSFTP for FTP serving
IPCOP as a Dorm Firewall

And I have gotten one school to sign up for a switch to K12LTSP late
this summer.  With all of these school changes I now have more local
businesses asking why they aren't running Linux.

Thanks for all of your help....cause I'll need more :-)

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