[K12OSN] End-of-school-year routine?

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Jun 30 19:02:31 UTC 2004

My end of the year routine this year was to reimage a lab for a summer
course for the staff taught by external teacher requiring this that and
the other for their curriculum *bah*...

When I asked, "could you do it with Linux and open office instead of XP
and Office XP"...the response was, "yes, but I don't have hand-outs for
OO and Linux"....*grumble I did*

Then I started fiddling with all those things on the K12LTSP server that
I'd been afraid to try cuz I didn't want to fubar something and leave
kids without access. =)  thus USB jump drives working now!!! (still a
bit giddy about that one).

Bought and built a new k12ltsp server so the entire student population
can be seperate from administration as far as the server and network
Re-wiring a bunch of stations and classrooms...getting everything map'd
out properly.
Purging student accounts, backing up staff accounts, doing all the
software updates(MS/Adobe/Novell/K12ltsp)
And excitedly hoping that the next K12ltsp release happens before school
starts so I can get that implemented with the latest kernel and FC2.
Aside from that it's sorting through donated EQ and getting them to work
as thin clients =)


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Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the school year!

I'd like to pick the minds of you experienced folks, and ask what do 
you do to the lab at the end of the year? Is it as simple as shutting 
off the machines until end of August, or are there other 
routines/tasks you do instead?  I'm always interested in learning 
more from those in-the-know!


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