[K12OSN] Maybe Linux is ready for the desktop

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed Jun 30 23:16:45 UTC 2004

For those of you trying to justify Linux to Administrators, teachers and 
other skeptics, here's an interesting anecdote about Linux's ease of 
use/familiarity to new users.

I have a couple of 12 year old kids staying at my house for a few weeks.  I 
told them they could use my k12ltsp 4 server if they wanted as a 
workstation.  (Since I can't get any @#$% terminals working yet.)  They've 
been hogging my wife's Mac and I wanted to let her get back to it.  They're 
usually windows users.  When I found one of them using it I asked him if 
he'd ever used Linux.  He said, "No, what's that?"  I pointed to the screen 
and explained to him what an operating system was.  He had been happily 
surfing the web.  The only instructions I gave him earlier were to point at 
the terminal and say log in as foo/bar.

Just thought I'd share.  I was pretty dumbfounded, actually.  I thought 
he'd need me to tell him where stuff was, etc.

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